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Ordering from LCSC

Create Draft Purchase Order

  1. Go to the Purchase Manager tab of Aligni

  2. Click the ➕ icon to create a new purchase order

  3. Click Assign PO # to assign a Purchase Order Number

Add a Line Item

  1. Within the purchase order page, click the ➕ icon to add a new line item
  2. Search Aligni for the part you wish to purchase with either the Opulo MFG P/N or MFG P/N
  3. Select the desired part from the drop-down list
  4. Click Add Part

Set the part's Vendor P/N

  1. Click Set Vendor P/N to open a selection window
  2. Select a Vendor P/N that matches the packaging of on-hand inventory, requesting help from a teammate if needed
  3. Copy the Vendor P/N's URL to your computer's clipboard if available, other copy just the Vendor P/N
  4. Click Save

  5. Confirm your screen matches the image below

Find Part in LCSC

  1. In a new browser tab, go to the LCSC website
  2. Login to LCSC
  3. Navigate to the part's product page with any of the following techniques:

    1. Paste the Vendor P/N's URL into your browser's address bar
    2. Paste the Vendor P/N into the LCSC search bar found at the top of the website

Determine Order QTY

  1. In another tab, navigate to the given part's Inventory tab in Aligni
  2. Examine the Historical Consumption Rates and compare it to the volume pricing shown in LCSC while considering the following:

    1. What is our current inventory levels compared to the Safety Stock values?
    2. Is purchasing 6-months or 12-months of inventory reasonable? If a year's worth of a part is only $100, just buy it.
    3. Is this part becoming obsolete soon?
    4. Consider what the price breaks are - is it worth buying 2-years worth of a part we're guaranteed to still be using because of a 40% discount? Maybe.
    5. Does LCSC have enough in stock?
    6. Does buying more than #pcs increase the lead-time an intolerable amount?
    7. What QTY does the item come in from the MFG?

    There is a lot to consider here, so asking for help is always welcome

    However, please feel empowered to spend <$200 if the order covers our needs for 1+ month.

  3. Add the amount you have decided to order to your cart

Prepare for checkout

  1. Select DHL for the shipping service
  2. For every line item in your order, input the relevant Opulo MFG P/N into the Customer # text-field
  3. Click Checkout

Do not continue with the checkout process on LCSC until the purchase order has been approved

Update the purchase order for component QTY and unit cost

  1. Copy/paste the chosen order QTY from LCSC to the part's purchase QTY field in Aligni
  2. Copy/paste the chosen unit price from LCSC to the part's unit price field in Aligni
  3. Confirm the given part's EXT. Price matches between LCSC and Aligni

Add Shipping to PO

  1. Add line item for shipping to purchase order

  2. Words

  3. Words

Edit PO Info

  1. Click Edit PO
  2. Update the following fields:

    1. Payment Terms: CIA
    3. DELIVERY TERMS: Ship via DHL

  3. Click Save to close the Edit Purchase Order window

PO Approval Process

  1. If the expense is <$200, click Approve

    Technicians are able to approve purchases <$200 without manager approval

    If the order is $200<, you must submit the purchase for manager approval

  2. A confirmation pop-up will be shown when the purchase order has been approved

Placing the Order

  1. Return to LCSC's order checkout page and perform the following tasks:

    1. Input the purchase order number
    2. Confirm the choose of shipping provider is still DHL
    3. Confirm the billing and shipping address
    4. Click Submit Order

  2. Select Checkout (Credit/Debit Card) from the list of Payment Methods

  3. Enter the provided card details before clicking Pay