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Peel Motor Assembly

This section will guide the reader on how to properly glue the worm-gear onto the shaft of a peel-motor to create peel-motor-asm.


Assembly Process


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  • Add LOCTITE 435 to worm-gear
    • Dispense a few drops of LOCTITE 435 into the center hole of worm-gear
    • Use enough adhesive for the glue to fully cover the top of the hole
    • Lightly tap worm-gear (glued hole side up) against the workbench a few times to break the surface tension of the glue and get it running downward
  • Leading with the glued side, manually install the worm-gear onto the first few millimeters of the shaft on peel-motor

  • Place the WIP peel-motor-asm into the arbor-press-jig

  • Pull the lever of the arbor-press-jig downward to fully install the worm-gear onto the shaft of peel-motor


    Only pull the lever enough to fully install the worm-gear, as excess force my damage the arbor-press-jig or peel-motor-asm!

  • Release the arbor-press-jig lever to make the depth-stop actuate backwards

  • Remove the completed peel-motor-asm from the arbor-press-jig

  • Manually rotate the installed peel-gear to check if any glue fell into the motor's gearbox

If you cannot rotate the installed peel-gear by hand, scrap the subassembly and record the material waste

Move the completed peel-motor-asm to the corresponding storage bin at the feeder assembly workstation