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Drag Chain Assembly

This section will guide the reader on how to properly assemble the LumenPNP v3.1 Drag Chain Assembly

Preparing the Drag Chain

  1. Obtain your drag chain

  2. Remove end link of drag chain

  3. Reinstall end link, reverse its orientation so the screw mounting face is towards the drag chain covers

Assembling the Drag Chain

  1. Mount the drag chain onto the cable routing jig. Ensure the side with the end link in the original orientation is faced towards the motherboard end of the cable routing jig, and the side with the end link reversed from the previous step is faced towards the X Gantry side of the jig.

  2. Fix in place with a screw on the motherboard side end link

  3. Use the drag chain opening tool to open the covers of the drag chain. Open these covers as far as possible for maximum access

  4. Install the umbilical-cable-strain-relief on the motherboard side of the cable routing jig

  5. Install 2 zip ties on the umbilical-cable-strain-relief

Routing the Cables

  1. Install LM Cable

  2. Install RH Tube

  3. Install LH Tube

  4. Install ZM Cable

  5. Install ZL Cable

  6. Install RM Cable

  7. Install DL Cable. This cable is routed through the chain differently from the rest, with the cable exiting between the final cover and the end link. See image for example

  8. Install USB Cable. Route this cable the same as the DL Cable from the previous step, with the cable exiting the drag chain between the final cover and end link

  9. Prepare x-cable-chain-bracket. Ensure the retaining end of the zip tie is opposite the side the the bracket that the XM cable is run through, as shown

  10. Install XM cable onto right side of the cable routing jig

  11. Route XM Cable through the zip ties and the retaining slot of x-cable-chain-bracket. Cable retaining slot of the bracket should face towards the motherboard side of the drag chain, with the XM cable exiting towards the user once in final position.

  12. Install the bracket between the 12th and 13th drag chain covers. Slide the drag chain covers into the slots in the side of x-cable-chain-bracket

  13. Close the drag chain covers holding the x-cable-chain-bracket in place. Pull XM cable through until slack is removed.

  14. Tighten zip ties on x-cable-chain-bracket, then cut off excess.

  15. Install 3 zip ties around all cables between the drag chain and the motherboard end of the cable routing jig. Locations are marked with yellow tape on the jig. Cut off excess after tightening

  16. Tighten 2 zip ties on umbilical-cable-strain-relief, then cut off excess

  17. Close all drag chain covers that are not already closed

  18. Prepare x-motor-cable-guide by running 2 zip ties through it, as shown

  19. Run XM cable through the looped end of the zip ties on x-motor-cable-guide in the orientation shown. Ensure the side of the connector with two lines is facing away from the print. Tighten zip ties and cut off excess

  20. Ensure all cables are present, and your assembly looks like the example shown

    Right (Motherboard) side

    Left (X Gantry) Side

  21. If your assembly looks like the examples, remove all cables and tubes from their mounting features

  22. Remove umbilical cable strain relief from its mounting posts

  23. Remove screw holding drag chain in place. You may now remove the drag chain from the cable routing jig.

OQC Checks

  • Inspect the x-gantry side of drag-chain and confirm the following cables are present and installed in the correct direction

    A quick way to tell which side of the drag-chain is the x-gantry side: it is the side where the cables are shorter exiting the drag-chain

    • LM cable: 6-pin connector with LM label
    • RM cable: 6-pin connector with RM label
    • ZM cable: 6-pin connector with NO label
    • ZL cable: 3-pin connector with NO label
    • DL cable: 3-pin connector with NO label, exits drag-chain between end-link and final cover
    • USB cable: 4-pin connector with NO label, exits drag-chain between end-link and final cover
  • Inspect the drag-chain and confirm the following tubes are present and labeled correctly on both sides

    • Red 4mm-pneumatic-tubing with LH label
    • Blue 4mm-pneumatic-tubing with RH label
  • Confirm zip-tie's are trimmed flush and present in the following locations:
    • 2x on umbilical-cable-strain-relief
    • 2x on x-cable-chain-bracket where XM cable leaves the drag-chain
      • While here, confirm that XM cable exits drag-chain in place of the 12th drag-chain-cover
    • 2x connecting x-motor-cable-guide to end of XM cable
    • 3x evenly spaced between drag-chain and umbilical-cable-strain-relief

If all checks pass, place the completed drag-chain into a yellow NEEDS QC bin found on the pack-out shelf while it awaits peer-review