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This section will guide the reader on how to properly package 5x feeder-8mm units into their respective packaging tray.

  • Fold a flat-packed Corrugated Quad-Fold Feeder Insert to prepare it for use
  • Place 5x feeder-8mm into a Corrugated Quad-Fold Feeder Insert tray

  • Insert a spool-arm above each of the 5x feeder-8mm, oriented to match the image shown below

  • Place 5x thimble into a 1x1-plastic-bag before adding a little bit of double-sided tape to the backside of the bagged 3D prints

    • Double-sided tape can be found in a bin on top of Docker

  • Stick the bagged-thimble-set to the feeder that's sitting in the visibly-deepest cavity in the tray

    • This is done to give the thimbles as much space as possible

The feeder-8mm-5x-pack has been completed and is ready for further use!