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Peel Gear Box

This section will guide the reader through the process of installing 2x peel-gear prints into peel-gear-frame to create peel-gear-box in preparation for its use in final assembly.

Install 2x peel-gear into peel-gear-frame

  • Pop 2x peel-gear into the peel-gear-frame, aligning the bumps in the frame to the divots in the gears

  • Use a screwdriver and a 2mm hex bit to tighten 2x M3x14 flathead screws into peel-gear-frame

    • Tighten screws as much as possible without feeling resistance when turning the gears

  • After the screws have been torqued, manually rotate the gears to check the friction

    • The tightened screws should not have added much (or any) resistance when spinning a peel-gear by hand
    • Loosen the screws a little bit if you observe high friction in the peel-gear-box

TO DO: Add a QC Check that measures the torque required to spin an assembled peel-gear-box to ensure it's within a specified range

Your completed peel-gear-box should match the image shown below