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8mm Feeder Frame Assembly

This section will guide the reader through the process of installing various hardware components into feeder-frame-8mm in preparation for its use in final assembly.

Prepare feeder-frame-8mm

  • Inspect the print for defects

    • Use a heat gun to remove any stringing
    • Check the first layer to ensure it is free of defects and printed on the tuxtured print bed as shown
    • Firmly press the up and down buttons so that they can move freely

    Note on button handling

    • These buttons are print-in-place flexures, which means they need to be broken away from the layer of plastic between them and the rest of feeder-frame-8mm
      • Exercise care here, as pressing these buttons too far inward can break them
    • The motherboard that is installed later will prevent this type of button over-travel damage
  • Inspect for loose plastic in the overhanging region of the pick-window on the feeder-frame-8mm

    • Remove any loose plastic with a knife as needed

    Rework Needed


Install Light Diffuser

  • Use an arbor-press-jig to install light-diffuser-pcb (PCB-0013-01) into feeder-frame-8mm

    • The Opulo logo on light-diffuser-pcb should be in the correct orientation when the feeder is held in front of you

  • The installed light-diffuser-pcb should be flush to the top-face of feeder-frame-8mm when installed correctly

Install 8mm Fiducial Board

  • Add a small amount of LOCTITE 435 in the front pocket of the feeder-frame-8mm

  • Manually install 8mm-fiducial-board into the front pocket of feeder-frame-8mm

    • The fiducial markers should remain visible when installed

  • Orient feeder-frame-8mm upright for 30 minutes to allow LOCTITE 435 time to cure