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LumenPnP Toolhead Assembly


The purpose of this work instructions is to document the assembly process for the LumenPnP Toolhead Assembly [SKU-0005-03]


Prepare Toolhead Assembly

  1. Install a nozzle-holder and rotary-pneumatic-adapter onto NEMA11-hollow-shaft-stepper

    • Use a torque driver w/custom rotary-pneumatic-adapter-socket and 8mm wrench to tighten these components onto the motor shaft
      • Set the torque driver to 0.5 N/M for this step
    • Use the 8mm wrench to hold the nozzle-holder stationary while applying torque from the rotary-pneumatic-adapterside
    • The rotary-pneumatic-adapter should be installed closer to the motor's cable connector

  2. Loosely bolt 4x M2.5x8mm-socket-head fasteners into the front face of NEMA11-hollow-shaft-stepper

  3. Package this completed assembly into a 4" x 4" Red ESD Bag and then roll it up

Prepare Extra Toolhead Cable Labels

  1. Print out 2x RM cable labels and insert them into a 1.5" x 1.5" plastic bag before sealing it shut

Prepare spare-o-ring-set

  1. Place 2x nozzle-holder-o-ring into a 1.5" x 1.5" plastic bag alt text alt text

  2. Add a few drops of precision-machine-oil into the plastic bag before sealing it shut alt text

  3. Adhere a Nozzle Holder Spare O-Rings label to the outside of the bag alt text alt text

Prepare Packaging

  1. Print LumenPnP Toolhead Assembly bag labels by accessing our account on Avery Print

    • See SOP-0007 for access credentials
    • Print 2x labels out at time by printing them on the DYMO 4XL label maker with 4" x 6" label paper loaded
    • Cut the printed 4" x 6" labels in half to create 2x 4" x 3" LumenPnP Toolhead Assembly labels

    Check Inventory

    There's usually a pre-made surplus of these labels, so check inventory before assuming you need to print more copies

  2. Adhere 4" x 3" LumenPnP Toolhead Assembly label to a 6" x 9" Polybag as shown in the image below

Package Components

  1. Package the following components into the labeled 6" x 9" Polybag

    • NEMA11-hollow-shaft-stepper (w/attached nozzle-holder, rotary-pneumatic-adapter, and bolts)
    • l-motor-harness
    • silicone-grease-packet
    • Bagged RM cable labels
    • spare-o-ring-set

  2. Seal up the bag after all the components listed above are placed inside it

LumenPnP Toolhead Assembly [SKU-0005-03] Completed