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Packaging the Feeder Connection Kit

This section will guide the reader on how to properly package a feeder-connection-kit

Prep the cardboard tray

  • Apply hot melt glue to inside faces of feeder-accessory-tray

  • Immediately after gluing, folding feeder-accessory-tray

Package feeder-blade-set

  • Move the feeder-blade-set into a feeder-accessory-tray

Package additional items

  • Move to Ghidra to finish packing

  • Install the other accessories into the feeder-accessory-tray:

    • feeder-blade-cable-harness

      DO NOT MIX THIS UP WITH THE feeder-slot-cable-harness WE USED TO USE HERE

    • feeder-programmer

    • bagged-extrusion-cable-clips
    • drive-wheel-adj-key

  • Add some foam to the feeder-connection-kit tray to protect the items in transit

    The foam shown in use here is 3 pieces of foam covering from 2020 aluminum extrusion