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Feeder Connection Kit

This section will guide the reader on how to properly prepare the accessories that go into a feeder-connection-kit.


  • Place 10x extrusion-cable-clip pieces into a 3" x 4" plastic bag before sealing it shut

  • Place each bagged-extrusion-cable-clips set into a yellow NEEDS QC bin while it awaits inspection

  • Weigh each bagged-extrusion-cable-clips, confirming it weighs 19.9g

  • Place the bagged-extrusion-cable-clips pieces that pass weight check into a green QC-Pass bin

Hex Key for Drive Wheel Adjustment

  • Adhere a hex key bag label onto a 2.5" x 3" plastic bag

  • Place a hex key into the plastic bag before resealing it


Cutting up feeder-slot-cable-harness

  • Begin by unpacking a stock feeder-slot-cable-harness
  • Unroll the harness and cut the cable after Slot #1 connector to create mobo-to-slot1-harness before setting it aside for later use
  • Cut the loose cable leading up to the Slot #2 IDC connector
  • Cut out the center of the cable between Slot #25 and #26 as shown below to create slot25-to-slot26-harness before setting it aside for later use
  • Segment the remaining feeder-slot-cable-harness into 30mm long cables with a connector at each end to create 23x blade-jumper-harness before setting them aside for later use

Packaging feeder-blade-harness-set

  • Collect the following cables and package them into a 4x6-anti-static-bag before sealing it shut

    • 1x mobo-to-slot1-harness
    • 1x slot25-to-slot26-harness
    • 2x blade-jumper-harness

Additional notes

  • To keep the workstation organized keep everything organized in the bin shown below:
    • Section #1 - unmodified feeder-slot-cable-harness pieces
    • Section #2 - spare blade-jumper-harness pieces
    • Section #3 - finished and baggedfeeder-blade-harness-set units

These three assemblies can now be set aside for further use in packout