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Opulo Order Fulfillment SOP

Deciding What to Fulfill:

  1. Review the Opulo Shopify Store - Coefficient Data Steam for orders that are eligible for fulfillment. The following criteria must be met:

    • Every line item in the order must have an Est Ship Date **value that's no later than Friday of the given production week **
    • All of the line items within the order number must have one of the following fulfillment statuses:


        Please double-check items with this status before fulfilling them!

        It is important to lookup orders with this status in Shopify to determine what exactly was refunded prior to fulfillment. It is possible for Coefficient to state that a refunded item still required fulfillment so we must be careful in these circumstances.

    • Each line item within the order must have a Build Number entered

    • Each line item within the order must have the Built? checkbox checked

      This checkbox is to indicate that an item is on a shelf in salable form, ready for shipping

  2. Review Opulo Shopify Store - Coefficient Data Steam queue for Replacement Parts orders that SHOULD be shipped this week that didn't receive an Est Ship Date or Build Number

    • If feasible, create a build for these items in Aligni with a due-date that matches the Est Ship Date desired
    • Enter a matching Est Ship Date for any replacement part that is being added to the fulfillment batch
    • Check-off the Built? checkbox when the replacement part's build has been completed

Purchasing Shipping Labels:

  1. Go to Shopify and purchase shipping labels for orders that met the criteria listed in the previous step

    • Be sure to select the correct box size for the items and ask for help if needed
  2. Screenshot the Purchased Shipping Label webpage in Shopify to create the Order-Packing-Checklist for the week

    • We will come back to this in the next section
  3. Set the Pickup Date for the required shipping carriers

  4. Customers can currently pick between UPS, USPS, and DHL at checkout so multiple pickups may be required

  5. Print out all the shipping labels for the week on 4x6 Label Paper with the Dymo 4XL Label Printer

  6. Return to the Opulo Shopify Store - Coefficient Data Steam and input the date each fulfilled order is expected to be transferred to the shipping carrier in the Actual Ship Date text-field

Prepare the Order-Packing-Checklist

  1. Prepare an Order-Packing-Checklist for the week's fulfillment using the Google Slides template

    • Make a copy of Slide 1 and replace the image with the screenshot taken in the earlier section, adjusting the slide as needed
    • The checklist printout should look like the following image:
  2. Print out the week's checklist when ready

  3. Write in the time and date for any scheduled pickup, per carrier
  4. Write "Drop off" for any carrier that we will bring the packages to ourselves

Handling the Shipping Labels

  1. Separate the printed shipping labels while leaving all pages related to a given order connected

    • Domestic shipping labels will have 2 pages per order, these are:
      • Shipping Label
      • Packaging Slip
    • International shipping labels will have 2 or more pages per order, these are:
      • Shipping Label
      • Packaging Slip
      • Customs Declaration

        DHL does not require a Customs Declaration Sheet

        This information is electronically transmitted to Customs agencies automatically

  2. For International Orders Only:

    • Sign all copies of the Customs Declaration Form
    • Place all signed copies of the Customs Declaration Form into a resealable adhesive-backed plastic document holder
    • Paper clip the Shipping Label and Packing Slip to the front of the plastic document holder
  3. Sort the shipping documents into containers that reflect the packaging used

    • The containers used for sorting should correspond to the packaging the week's orders require
    • Reference the Order-Packing-Checklist to determine what packaging is required for the week's fulfillment

Packaging Orders

  • Begin packaging orders by working through each container's sorted shipping documents
    • For example pack every order that had its shipping documents sorted into the 2-Tray OPF bin before proceeding to the shipping documents sorted in the 4-Tray OPF bin
    • This will help prevent shipping customers more or less than of what they paid for
  • Check-off and write in your initials on the printed Order-Packing-Checklist each time an order is packaged and taped shut

Additional Guidelines for Packaging

  • Orders with line-items that have multiple Est. Ship Dates:

    • When packaging an order it is critical to check Coefficient for what build number/est-Ship-Date the items in an order should be from

      • Example 1) If there's 10pcs of SKU-9999 made "this week" and 15pcs of SKU-9999 made "last week" still here, the two batches must go with the exact orders they were prescribed to

      • Example 2) In the image shown below, there is a LumenPnP that is produced the week of 2023-07-28 and it's packaged alongside a feeder 5pk and slot set made weeks prior. It would be important to ensure that this LumenPnP was packaged with these exact goods from the specified weeks.

  • Shipments with a pending payment status

    • Alert customer service when a shipment transitions from UNFULFILLED - PENDING to FULFILLED - PENDING, so that the team is given notice when an order with NET## terms has been shipped out

  • Shipment comprised of two or more packages poly-strapped together:

    • Adhere the shipping label and other documents to the largest package in the shipment
    • Take care to avoid the shipping documents being obstructed by the poly-straps
    • Write the order number onto the smaller boxes within the bundle using a large marker
      • This is done to help the shipping carrier if the bundle breaks apart in transit

The Order-Packing-Checklist lists what package type an order requires if you are unsure or found the shipping documents sorted into a vague pile

Serialization and OQC Form Requirements

Shipments that contain a uniquely serialized product (LumenPnP, PCB Kit, Replacement Motherboards) must be logged in the LumenPnP - Serial Tracker and OQC Form

  • Shipments that contain a LumenPnP must have an orange fragile sticker adhered to the box after being taken through this form

Handling Unfulfilled Inventory

  • After all outgoing orders are packaged, label all remaining pieces of unfulfilled inventory with the respective order-number and/or future est-ship-date these items are reserved for

  • If there is unfulfilled inventory leftover from the production lot without either a order-number or est-ship-date that can be allocated, consider these goods as spare stock keeping units for inventory and label each item with it's build-number and production-date (IE the date of the Friday from the week the item was built)

Outgoing Quality Control (OQC)

  • Sort the taped boxes into the following stacks:

    • DHL
    • USPS Domestic
    • USPS International
    • UPS Domestic
    • UPS International
  • Confirm the following:

    • Docker does not have any assembled goods beyond what's expected to be in unfulfilled inventory
    • There is exactly as many packages ready to ship as what's shown in the order-packing-checklist
    • Each line in the order-packing-checklist is checked-off and initialed
    • No unused shipping labels are left sitting out
    • The first page of any international shipment's custom form matches the receiver's name on the shipping label