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LumenPnP Vacuum Pump and Valve Set


The purpose of this work instruction is to document the assembly process for the LumenPnP Vacuum Pump and Valve Set [SKU-0004-00]


Create Wired Vacuum Pump Assembly

  1. Gather required items

  2. Put heat shrink tube over the red and black wire of CHA-0011-00

  3. Straighten the metal leads of the vacuum-pump if they became bent during shipping

  4. Wrap red and black wires of CHA-0011-00 around the leads of vacuum-pump


    The polarity does not matter when attaching these two wires to the motor leads

  5. Use lead-free solder to attach CHA-0011-00 to the leads of the vacuum-pump

    QC Inspection

    Inspect the solder joints for proper bond, being sure to rework any loose wire strands or cold joints before continuing

  6. Slide heat shrink over solder joints and motor leads

  7. Apply heat to heat-shrink with a hot air gun to insulate the solder joint

  8. Use a permanent marker to black out the P1 text on the CHA-0011-00 label

  9. Perform cable management

    • Wrap CHA-0011-00 around the top-side of vacuum-pump, as shown below, before securing the cable in place with a rubber-band

Create Packaged Rubber Band Set

  1. Place 2x rubber-band into a 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Reclosable Bag
  2. Seal the bag when completed and set aside for later use

Prepare Packaging Labels

  1. Print LumenPnP Vacuum Pump and Valve Set bag labels by accessing our account on Avery Print
  2. Print 2x labels out at time by printing them on the DYMO 4XL label maker with 4" x 6" label paper loaded
  3. Cut the printed 4" x 6" labels in half to create 2x 4" x 3" LumenPnP Vacuum Pump and Valve Set [SKU-0004-00] labels

    Check Inventory

    There's usually a pre-made surplus of these labels so check inventory before assuming you need to print more copies

Package Components

  1. Package the following components into a 6" x 9" Polybag

    • Packaged Rubber Band Set
    • Wired Vacuum Pump Assembly
    • solenoid-valve
      • Twist the solenoid-valve units pre-attached cable around the valve body a few times before placing it into the bag

  2. Seal the bag after all the components listed above are placed inside

  3. Adhere a 4" x 3" LumenPnP Pump and Valve Set label to the 6" x 9" Polybag as shown in the image below

  4. Roll up the packaged components to eliminate wasted space in the bag

  5. Seal the roll together by using the exposed backside of the LumenPnP Vacuum Pump and Valve Set bag label as a tape

LumenPnP Vacuum Pump and Valve Set [SKU-0004-00] Completed