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Panelized Feeder Slot

This section will guide the reader on how to properly create a feeder-slot-panel PCBA


  • Paste slot panels three at a time.
  • Load three pasted slot panels into the Slot Lumen
  • Run the job in OpenPnP
  • Remove the panels and reflow them in the oven one at a time
  • Inspect for any shorts or shifted components and rework as needed
  • Add the 120R termination resistor to the 50th slot PCB if needed


The feeder-slot-panel PCB requires the installation of 8x 2x3-IDC-connector

  • Install 8x 2x3-idc-connnector into the feeder-slot-panel in the orientation shown below

    Check Orientation

    Be sure that ALL connectors have the keying slot facing towards the cutout in the PCB. Reference the picture below.

  • Flip the board over and proceed to solder 8x 2x3-idc-connnector to feeder-slot-panel with a soldering iron and lead-free solder

  • Place the completed feeder-slot-panel units into the yellow bin found at the slot assembly work station


  • Grab the stylus from the slot programmer.
  • Ensure that the address is set to 1
    • You can adjust the address with the buttons to the right of the screen
  • Place the spring pins of the stylus against the pads on Slot #1

    • Make sure the orientation matches as shown below:
  • Press the switch on the stylus when all spring pins are compressed against the pads

  • Look at the screen:

    The programming step failed if you see anything other than a success message

    • The jig is capable of detecting shorts, and will fail programming if one is detected
      • The screen will display which pin it sensed has shorted
    • If a failure is observed perform any necessary cleanup and try again
    • Note that the jig will remember the last place you left off

    If the programmer reads 1 - SUCCESS proceed to the next slot

  • After successfully programming address 1, repeat this step for the next 49 addresses while moving in the following order:
    Pink (4th row) Red (2nd row) Green (3rd row) Blue (1st row)

    Pay extreme attention to avoid programming any slot with the wrong value


Ensure your completed PCBA meets the following requirements:

  • 8x 2x3 IDC connector are present with each connector's slit facing towards the Feeder Floor REV07 silkscreen text
  • Switch the programmer to QC Mode and confirm that Slots #1, #13, #26, #38, and #50 each have a programmed value that matches the top-side silkscreen text

    For example:

    Confirm that Slot #26 is actually programmed as Slot #26

  • Gold spring finger pads are free of damage

Place each quality checked feeder-slot-panel into the appropriate QC bin:

Place all QC passing feeder-slot-panel units into the green QC bin

Place all QC failing feeder-slot-panel units into the red QC bin

Be sure to label each defective unit with any issues it has

The next step is to proceed to Feeder Slot Set Final Assembly