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Preparing LumenPnP Tool Kit

Prepare lumen-v3.1-hardware-kit (ASM-0048-03)

We purchase the lumen-v3-hardware-kit as a premade assembly but it's contents can become out of date with machine updates. It is important to ensure that customers always have a revision of this bag that matches the revision required by a given LumenPnP revision's BOM.

Currently, we have repurchased several hundred pieces of ASM-0048-02 which must be reworked to match the BOM listed in ASM-0048-03. You can confirm that a lumen-v3-hardware-kit requires rework into lumen-v3.1-hardware-kit if it weights 95.8g +/- 0.5g.

  • Pre-purchased pieces of ASM-0048-02 in inventory must have the following components added into the bag to convert them in a lumen-v3.1-hardware-kit before they're to be used in further assembly processes:

    • +7 pcs M5x16-bolt
    • +2 pcs M5x10-bolt
    • +4PCS M5x8-bolt
    • +2 pcs silicone-grease-packet
    • +4pcs M5 t-nut

    The above photo is out of date

QC Check

  • After reworking inventory to match the latest requirements of a lumen-v3.1-hardware-kit, proceed with a weight check.

    • Confirm each bag weighs between 139.70g - 140.50g
    • If a bag weighs less than this, recount the pieces and rework as needed before proceeding
    • After a bag passes weight check, add a QC Pass sticker to the outside of the bag

    Stockpiling lumen-v3.1-hardware-kit pieces

    If more pieces of lumen-v3-hardware-kit are reworked than what's needed for a given production batch, place the excess in a green QC-Pass bin labeled lumen-v3.1-hardware-kit (ASM-0048-04)

Prepare spare-o-ring-set

  1. Place 2x nozzle-holder-o-ring into a 1.5" x 1.5" plastic bag alt text alt text

  2. Add a few drops of precision-machine-oil into the plastic bag before sealing it shut alt text

  3. Adhere a Nozzle Holder Spare O-Rings label to the outside of the bag alt text alt text

Assemble Tool Kit

  • Gather components shown:

    TO DO: UPDATE PHOTO TO SHOW spare-o-ring-set

  • Start by placing the zip-tie-bag into the tool-kit-bag’s zipped pouch

  • Next place the ESD wrist strap into the zipped pouch


  • Place the USB-A to USB-B cable above the ESD wrist strap, towards the bottom of the zipped pouch


  • Place the bottom-camera-usb-cable into the zipped pouch, beside the zip-tie-bag

  • Place the squaring-bracket into upper area of the pouch, on top of the zip-tie-bag

  • Place the lumen-v3.1-hardware-kit into the tool-kit-bag’s pouch

    It is critical to ensure that this hardware kit has been reworked as needed

  • Place the tiny phillips screwdriver into the tool-kit-bag’s pouch

  • Place the feeder programmer into the tool-kit-bag’s pouch

  • Place the DRIVE-WHEEL-ASM Adjustment Hex Key into the tool-kit-bag’s pouch

  • Place the spare-o-ring-set into the tool-kit-bag’s pouch


  • Zip up the pouch

  • Unwrap the protective plastic from the flush-cutter and install it into the left side of tool-kit-bag

  • Place the xacto-knife into the next remaining pocket in the tool-kit-bag

    • Make sure the protective cap is on tightly and that the blade clamp is tight

  • Insert the ESD-safe-tweezer into the last remaining pocket on the left side of the tool-kit-bag

  • Secure the allen-wrench-set into the right side of the tool-kit-bag with the elastic strap

  • Close up the tool-kit-bag and gently work out any bulges so that it may take up less space in the LumenPnP packaging