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Feeder Part Kit


This work instruction is for assembling feeder-part-kit - this is a pack of parts that helps customers build their own feeders. The following items are included in the kit:

  • drive-motor [MTR-0004-01]
  • peel-motor [MTR-00003-00]
  • drive-wheel-asm [ASM-0060-01]

Quality Checks

Collect the required quantity of feeder parts from inventory and perform the following quality checks before continuing:

  • drive-motor [MTR-0004-01]

    • Green LED already removed
    • Shaft cannot be free-spin by hand
    • Wire soldered to PCB correctly
    • Connector end of wire is intact with no loose crimps
  • peel-motor [MTR-00003-00]

    • Shaft cannot be free-spin by hand
    • Wire soldered to motor leads correctly
    • Connector end of wire is intact with no loose crimps
  • drive-wheel-asm [ASM-0060-01]

    • Shaft-collar-asm is firmly attached to drive-wheel-pcb
    • M2.5x3mm-set-screw is present and partially threaded into shaft-collar-asm


Packaging <5 sets

  • Collect a scrap foam tray used in drive-motor shipments

  • Cut the webbing out from in-between 2 pockets to create a larger pocket for the drive-wheel-asm

    • It is OK to put 1x-3x drive-wheel-asm pieces in each pocket provided the shaft-collar

  • Continue by packaging the tray with however many feeder-part-kit sets were ordered

  • Cut the filled tray section out from the rest of the tray

    • Just 1 order of feeder-part-kit is shown here, but this cutaway section can be bigger if additional sets were ordered by the same person.
    • Cut the filled trays into a size that works well with the package you intend to use - you may not even need to cut the tray if enough feeder-part-kit sets were ordered!

  • Package each feeder-part-kit into a esd-safe-bag before taping it closed

Packaging 5+ Sets

  • For orders of 5+ feeder-part-kit sets, it's OK to simply stack filled trays atop one another
    • Just aim for a professional looking pack-out with trays sized appropriately for the box you use

Packaging 50 Sets

When packaging 50 sets of feeder-part-kit use the following section for guidance. The images below show how to best package a 50pcs feeder-part-kit order.

  • Cut up a drive-motor's foam tray to fit in a OPF-folder-box

    • There should be 17 double-wide pockets to hold drive-wheel-asm
    • There should be 50 regular size pockets to hold 50x drive-motor

  • Fill the drive-motor's foam tray with components

    • Place a drive-motor into each of the 50x regular-size pockets, doing your best to tuck the cable in so it's not loose outside the pocket
    • Place 3x drive-wheel-asm in each of the 17x double-wide pockets, giving the customer 50pcs + 1pcs (spare) in total

  • Cut up a peel-motor foam tray to fit in a OPF-folder-box

  • Fill the peel-motor foam tray with motors

  • Place the packaged peel-motor foam tray on top of the packaged drive-motor foam tray

  • Place a 15" x 14.5" cardboard pad on top of the stacked foam trays

  • Tape the OPF-folder-box shut

  • Proceed with the pack-out process flow