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Feeder Slot Set

This section will guide the reader on how to properly assemble and package a feeder-blade-set

Materials Prep

  • Check 2x blade-12 and 2x blade-13 using the granite block to ensure the print printed without warping

Assembly Process

  • Begin by separating a feeder-blade-panel into its 4x separate rows

  • Install each blade13-pcb into a blade13 3D print to create feeder-blade13-asm

  • Set feeder-blade13-asm into the feeder-blade-cradle-jig

  • Proceed to install 5x M3x8-self-threading-screw into the WIP feeder-blade13-asm

    • Use an automatic torque driver set to 6

  • Use clear loctite to attach a blade-pin-cover over the 2x exposed IDC connector pins in the feeder-blade13-asm

    • Do not leave any excess glue be shown on the exposed PCB
    • Leave the glue to dry for 5 minutes before continuing
  • Remove the blades from the feeder-blade-cradle-jig
  • Loosely install 5x M5-t-slot-nut and 5x M5x10-bolt into each feeder blade for subsequent use in mounting onto a feeder rail

  • Repeat these above steps until you have created 2x feeder-blade13-asm and 2x feeder-blade12-asm

    • The steps to make the feeder-blade12-asm are the same as the 13-gang version, the only differences are that the 3D print and PCB are a 12-slot variant.

Once all 4 assemblies have been prepared, you have finished building a feeder-blade-set

Next Steps

The next step is to proceed to either:

  • Feeder Accessory Preparation - provided you are making a Feeder Connection Kit
  • Front-feeder-rail / Rear-feeder-rail - provided you are making a LumenPnp V3.2.X