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LumenPnP PCB Kit


The purpose of this work instructions is to document the assembly process for the LumenPnP PCB Kit [SKU-0003-03]

If you are making a LumenPnP PCB Replacement Kit, follow the process mentioned below except do not include the additional parts.


Process the PCB kit box

  1. Remove the pink foam from esd-safe-mailer [PKG-0013-00] and 1 piece aside for later use

    • The 2nd piece of pink foam can be recycled or put in the spare packaging material bin at the Docker workstation

Package the motherboard

  1. Gather a motherboard-rev04 [PCA-0011-03] and 4" x 4" Red ESD Bag from inventory

  2. Confirm the motherboard and its accompanying QC receipt have matching serial numbers

  3. Place the motherboard and QC receipt into the 4" x 4" Red ESD Bag

  4. Place the bagged motherboard w/receipt into the left side of a esd-safe-mailer [PKG-0013-00]

Prepare additional components

  1. Proceed by preparing the following components:

    • Packaged Ring Light Set [ASM-0026-00] - Place a top-ring-light and bottom-ring-light into a 2 1/2" x 3" Reclosable Bag
    • limit-switch-board [PCA-0002-00] - Without opening the vendor provided bag, actuate the switch to ensure that it clicks properly

      If a limit-switch-board does not seem correct when actuated, either audibly or tactually, bring it to MRB

    • Packaged Datum Board [ASM-0024-00] - Place a datum-board and Opulo Logo Sticker into a 2 1/2" x 3" Reclosable Bag

      Clean the datum-board with an IPA-soaked shop rag if it appears dirty

Package additional components

  1. Place a sheet of pink foam into the esd-safe-mailer
    • Leave half of the foam sitting against the motherboard
    • The other half of the foam sheet will be folded atop the additional components packaged into the box in subsequent steps
  2. Place the Packaged Datum Board [ASM-0024-00] into the box

  3. Place the limit-switch-board above the Packaged Datum Board

  4. Place the Packaged Ring Light Set above the limit switch board

  5. Fold the rest of the pink foam over the Packaged Ring Light Set

    • This will result in something like a taco of additional components sitting beside the motherboard


  1. Close the esd-safe-mailer
  2. Write the following information on the box's front face with a silver permanent marker:

    • The last 3 digits of the motherboard serial number
    • The given LumenPnP PCB Kit (Salable) [SKU-0003-02] production build number

    If the build number is not known, please ask for assistance

  3. Tape the esd-safe-mailer closed with 3" wide packaging tape side-to-side and front-to-back

LumenPnP PCB Kit [SKU-0003] Completed