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Staging Plate 1/2 Pack


The purpose of this work instructions is to document the assembly process of creating a customer salable staging-plate kits.


Prepare staging-plate

  • Collect a staging-plate from inventory
  • Clean both sides of each staging-plate with an IPA-soaked shop rag to remove dust and scuffs
  • Inspect for defects/damage on the top and bottom surfaces of the PCB

Prepare Staging Plate Attachment Hardware set

  • Place the following components into a 2" x 3" Reclosable Bag:

    • 4x M5x8mm-button-head
    • 4x M5-tslot-nut

Plastic wrap the staging plate(s) and hardware bags

  • Wrap the staging-plate in three wraps of plastic wrap
  • After the third wrap, fold the excess plastic wrap inward
  • Place staging-plate-attachment-hardware-set atop the staging-plate
  • Give the bundle of components a final wrap to secure everything
  • Cut the wrapped bundle away from the plastic wrap spool
  • Fold the excess cling wrap onto the bundle for a final time
  • Pat the plastic wrap down to smooth out any creases and firm up the bond

If customer ordered 2 or more staging-plate

It is acceptable to bundle multiple staging plates atop each other in the plastic wrap, but be sure to add all staging-plate-attachment-hardware-set pieces in the same layer.

Prepare aux-staging-plate-foot

  • Check either the Opulo Shopify Store - Coefficient Data Steam or the week's fulfillment paperwork to determine what version of the aux-staging-plate-foot to include
    • The Title + Variant field will denote whether you should use a v3.0.5, v3.0.5, or v3.0.1+ version of aux-staging-plate-foot
  • Once you have identified the correct version of aux-staging-plate-foot to use, collect the unprocessed 3D print from the relevant container for use in the next step
  • See here for guidance on assembling the aux-staging-plate-foot

    Skip the rubber-foot if the version is v3.0.4

Prepare Packaging

  • Fold staging plate box
  • Cut 4x foam sheets into 6"x4" sections
  • Place 2x 6"x4" pieces of foam on both sides of the open box
  • Place wrapped up staging-plate and aux-staging-plate-foot above the foam sheet
    • Be sure to include as many pieces of aux-staging-plate-foot as there are staging-plate in the order
  • Add 2x additional pieces of 6"x4" foam on both sides of the open box
  • Add any other additional items to the package before taping box shut for fulfillment